Hi, I'm Lena

... but you may know me as "The Crafter Teacher"

I teach K-5 general music and I help elementary music educators incorporate game-based learning strategies in their classrooms so they can fully support all of their students.

During 7 years in the classroom, I had the privilege of teaching PreK-8 general music, middle school chorus and musical theatre as well as private piano and voice lessons. Although I loved them all, my heart truly felt at home in the Elementary Music Room.


I help busy music teachers do what they do best - teach!

After my first year teaching I quickly learned how challenging it was to plan engaging lessons for each grade level and create fun game-based resources in a weekly basis.

I knew that other music teachers felt frustrated and overwhelmed trying to do it all and I wanted to find a way to help.

 So I spent the first couple of years as a music teacher learning how to make everything work with a curricular purpose, in a joyful and engaging way.

Then, I started to create resources to help other busy music teachers  gain their valuable time back so they could support their students and do what they do best – teach!


A little about me...

I am from Cuba and I live in United States with my husband, (who is an elementary music educator as well) and two sons.

This school year marks my 7th full year as an elementary educator in public schools and I absolutely love it!

I graduated from “The Highest Institute of The Arts” in Havana, Cuba with a bachelors degree in Voice and Performing Arts. 

When I get some “me” time, I love to visit my favorite store: Michael’s”, because I always need something for a craft project.


My mission...

I am super passionate about connecting music to other subject areas, and build strong foundational skills through musical crafts and game-based learning.

My purpose is to create opportunities for all types of learners to be successful as young musicians and to love music.

I’m here to save you time and make your life easier by sharing tried and true strategies and resources.

These are the areas that I can help you with the most:

1- Game-based learning strategies and resources

2- Music Centers

3-Learning Crafts

4- Inspiration for your classroom

After a year trying to figure out how to implement a successful game-based learning environment in my classroom while connecting to other subjects areas, I finally had the perfect layout to make my teacher life easier.

YOU CAN DO IT TOO, and I can help you!


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